Managing your investments

When managing your investment we focus on 5 main priorities

Tenant Acquisition

In order to fully advertise your property, we will place your rental listing on our web site, and drive the property listing online to numerous websites. We will also put a sign and flyers on the property, and keep informational sheets in the office for those who often come stop in to check on our vacancy listings.

Quality Tenants

In order to find the best quality tenants, we will have them complete a  rental application. From there a comprehensive background screening takes place.  The background screening covers: Credit Summary, FICO Score, Nationwide Eviction and Nation Wide Criminal Data (includes sex offender scan and search of OFAC/Terrorist Watch List).  Upon completion of the application and comprehensive background screening, one of our licensed Property Managers will review their credit, landlord and employment verifications for the last two years, and personal references.

Property Maintenance

We believe maintaining your property is the number one concern. In order to do that, your tenant(s) will have 24/7 access to a maintenance manager and property maintenance services.  Our professional team will schedule routine/preventative maintenance as well as respond to requests for emergency repair.  Realty Corner, Inc. only does business with licensed, bonded, and insured contractors.

To further care for your asset, we physically inspect your investment property every six months. Each unit is inspected by our staff on the inside and out to make sure that your investment is being well cared for.  The inspection pictures and notes are posted to your online portal for review.  We will suggest or schedule any necessary repairs or preventative maintenance to be completed. ured contractors.



We will provide you with easy to read monthly accounting statements. You will have the choice of receiving a paper check for your Owner’s Proceeds or we offer ACH/Direct Deposit straight to your account.  At the end of the fiscal year, you will be provided with a financial overview and 1099.

Property Acquisition &amp Liquidation

Should you ever find yourself in a financial or tax situation that requires you to purchase or sell a home, we also have a complete sales staff experienced in handling all property acquisitions or exchanges.  Realty Corner, Inc. can help to provide insight, support, and service with your property acquisition and liquidation needs.

When looking for the right Management Team…

You’ll find that we manage your investment property as if we were managing our own. We’re looking forward to beginning our new relationship. Contact Realty Corner Property Management today for an initial consultation.

Property Management Tools

Realty Corner has property management tools for property owners as well as tenants. Each portal allows access to an individual set of management tools, and the Rental Finder gives property owners a place to list their available properties to be found by potential tenants.

Owners Portal

Owners Portal

Tenant Portal

Rental Finder

Rental Finder