Homeowners Association Services

Home Owners Associations

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Realty Corner is committed to forming positive, solution-oriented partnerships with the communities and the boards we serve through communication, education, accurate financial reporting, and full accountability. We are dedicated to providing the best return on your Association’s investment, and for your residents to see that value every time they come home.

If  you are an existing Association, a new Association, or an Association in transition, we can assist you in budget preparation, meeting administration, property inspections and maintenance, owner relations, CC & R compliance, board member orientation and education, accounting and risk management services and so much more.

We work as partners with your board of directors and homeowners to preserve and protect the community and take care of the details that go into maintaining the value of your investment.

Homeowners Associations – Overview of Services

  • We provide a responsive and educated staff
  • Community Association Manager receives calls from lenders, real estate agents, and new owners and assists them with title demands, resale packages and pre to post sale information.
  • We receive and document all communication from owners and board members.
  • Our database tracks owner information, including compliance, communication, and maintenance.
  • Architectural Requests are processed with documentation and in the time frame mandated.
  • Coordination of board meetings and annual meetings providing complete meeting packets for board members and/or owners.
  • Drafts letters, notices, newsletters and processes mailings.
  • Specialized accounting for reserve accounts.
  • Receipt, review and processing of invoices for payment by association.
  • Disbursal of funds as directed by the Board of Directors.
  • Collaboration with the Board to establish and monitor annual budget.
  • Coordination and preparation of state reports & tax filings.
  • Audit Coordination with auditor/tax preparation/tax returns.
  • Preparation of monthly Income/Expense statements and Balance Sheet
  • Maintenance of a separate account for each homeowner
  • Coordination with auditor to finalize year-end audit, tax returns
  • Processing and handling of delinquencie
  • Report generation
  • Prompt handling of all homeowner inquiries
  • Assessment collection and bank deposits
  • Our Community Association Managers conduct regular property site inspections.
  • Participate in landscape walks with Board or Committee Members.
  • Full compliance program with violation photos to ensure adherence to CC&R’s.
  • Regular Board Member orientation and training.
  • Liaise with city/state/county authorities as needed (police, fire, claims adjusters, neighborhood watch, etc.
  • Frequent review of community
  • Assist in developing maintenance plans for short and long term projects.
  • Amenity and common area protection and preservation.
  • Manage vendors and negotiate for services such as landscaping, parking lot. maintenance, janitorial, pool maintenance and other contracted services.
  • Assist in creating a scope of work for repairs and replacements.
  • Provide bids from licensed and insured contractors and present to the Board for approval.
  • Vendor compliance administration, including insurance, licensing and bond information.